Competing, Regulatory Alternative

If two proposals for redistricting reform end up on the ballot, this simple legislative language could clarify the process for all. It is not uncommon for two redistricting reform proposals to be on the same ballot – it happened in both California and Florida when they set out to give Independent Redistricting Commissions the responsibility of setting General Assembly districts. In California, the language below was included in both amendments. We believe that a similar provision would be very beneficial in any Illinois redistricting reform proposal.

SECTION 5. Competing, regulatory alternative. 

A. In the event that another measure (“competing measure”) appears on the same ballot as this act that seeks to adopt or impose provisions or requirements that differ in any regard to, or supplement, the provisions or requirements contained in this act, the voters hereby expressly declare their intent that if both the competing measure and this act receive a majority of votes cast, and this act receives a greater number of votes than the competing measure, this act shall prevail in its entirety over the competing measure without regard to whether specific provisions of each measure directly conflict with each other. 
B. In the event that both the competing measure and this act receive a majority of votes cast, and the competing measure receives a greater number of votes than this act, this act shall be deemed complementary to the competing measure. To this end, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, the provisions of this act shall be fully adopted except to the extent that specific provisions contained in each measure are deemed to be in direct conflict with each other on a “provision-by-provision” basis pursuant to Yoshisato v. Superior Court (1992) 2 Cal.4th 978.


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