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The Cicero syndrome (Editorial)

February 25, 2013
Chicago Tribune

If voters in Cicero have a hard time distinguishing between Larry Dominick, the candidate, and Larry Dominick, the incumbent town president, it's probably because Dominick himself doesn't seem to know the difference.

Town spokesman Ray Hanania confirmed last week that uniformed community service officers driving official town vehicles have gone door to door, questioning residents about whether they had applied for mail-in ballots for Tuesday's municipal primary election.

As Cicero president seeks third term, town employees wear two hats

February 21, 2013

By: Chip Mitchell

Ahead of next Tuesday’s primary, what matters to some public servants is not their job duties but Larry Dominick’s reelection.Once upon a time, it was hard to get a government job in the Chicago area without going through a precinct captain or another party boss. Over the years, federal court orders and corruption prosecutions have helped draw a sharper line between public service and politics. But the message hasn’t gotten everywhere. With an election looming in Cicero, many employees of that western suburb are wearing two hats.

A loyal Machine Democrat, Moreno was an old school politician

June 29, 2012
Chicago Sun-Times
BY LISA DONOVAN Cook County Reporter


Monitor: Mayor did good job reforming hiring — but not disciplining past violators

June 28, 2012
Chicago Sun-Times

Despite praising Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration for reforming

Aldermen Pine for Patronage at Hearing

June 7, 2011
Chicago News Cooperative


A new City Council committee created by Mayor Rahm Emanuel as part of his push to reform City Hall spent most of its first meeting talking about the glory days of patronage hiring.

The Lawyers Who Reformed Chicago

March 23, 2011
The Week Behind

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