Term Limits

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GOP governor candidate proposes reducing size of Senate

September 3, 2013
Chicago Tribune

Staff report

Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner today announced more details in his push to change the state's constitution to put term limits on lawmakers, saying he also wants to cut the size of the Illinois Senate and raise the benchmark required to override a governor's veto.

Rauner's goal is to gather enough signatures to get the proposed constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot.

Rauner: 8 years for lawmakers, smaller Senate

September 3, 2013
Sauk Valley News

GOP gubernatorial hopeful rolls out term-limits proposal

By Associated Press KERRY LESTER (AP)

SPRINGFIELD (AP) – Declaring the moment ripe to address “failure in Springfield,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner unveiled a proposal Tuesday to impose 8-year term limits on Illinois lawmakers while also shrinking the size of the state Senate and giving the governor more power to override legislators’ vetoes.

Bruce Rauner’s new SuperPAC raising campaign limit questions

August 23, 2013
Chicago Sun-Times

Natasha Korecki

Bruce Rauner’s new SuperPAC pushing term limits — which puts no caps on contribution amounts — is already raising questions about the multi-millionaire’s intentions.

Chief among them: How does Bruce Rauner the candidate for governor manage not to coordinate with Bruce Rauner the SuperPac chair?

Rauner forms PAC to push term limits

August 20, 2013
Chicago Tribune

By Rick Pearson Clout Street

Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner has formed a new political action committee to push term limits for state lawmakers, a move that could provide a financial and strategic assist to his bid for the state’s Executive Mansion.

Will term limits prompt real change?

October 9, 2010

By Kerry Lester

Illinois' political culture, long derided as corrupt, has
traditionally rested tremendous power in the hands of select political
insiders for extended periods of time.

That hasn't necessarily worked to constituents' advantage.

Under the leadership of former House Speaker James “Pate Philip, a
28-year incumbent, lawmakers approved 9 percent raises for themselves
in the mid-1990s.

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