Rahm Emanuel

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Braun refuses to release income tax returns before election

January 3, 2011
Chicago Sun-Times


Consensus black mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun said Monday she will not release her income tax returns until after the election, passing on the chance to exploit a potential weakness of two of her major rivals.
“I don’t want to,” she said.

Emanuel camp plans bash with eye on budget

May 10, 2011
Chicago Tribune

Volunteering, free concert, open house scheduled for the public — plus a dinner for donors

By John Byrne, Tribune reporter

Rahm Emanuel's inaugural celebration will be as much about setting a tone for how he wants Chicagoans to perceive his administration as about commemorating his ascendancy to mayor.

The planning team is going for festive, but not too festive. After all, Emanuel enters office preaching the need for shared sacrifice with the city's wallet short by $600 million or more.

Is Rahm ready for real reform?

May 11, 2011
Chicago Sun-Times


Rahm Emanuel, the mayor-elect, released his 71-page transition team report on Tuesday, establishing a broad-brush scorecard by which he can be judged. Reform is one of his categories.

That’s a good thing.

Moreover, it looks like Emanuel has worked out a deal to cut the number of City Council committees from 19 to 16. And to trim a modest amount of Ald. Ed Burke’s vast power as king of the Council’s Finance Committee.

Those are also good things. But not exactly reform writ large.