Republican Governors Association

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The Republicans' Dark-Money-Moving Machine

February 24, 2012
Mother Jones

Inside the GOP group that skirts election rules by shuffling millions across state lines and then "wiping the fingerprints off the money."

—By Andy Kroll
| January/February 2012 Issue

Perry aides told different stories in lawsuit

September 29, 2011

By Murray Waas and Peter Henderson

(Reuters) - Contradictions in sworn statements about Rick Perry's fundraising for his 2006 reelection bid raise questions about whether aides to the Texas governor, who is now running for president, gave false or misleading testimony under oath.

In a civil suit later filed by Chris Bell, Perry's Democratic challenger in that race, the testimony of aides David Carney and Deirdre Delisi was directly contradicted by a sworn statement from Perry's own gubernatorial campaign committee.

Rick Perry and HPV vaccine-maker have deep financial ties

September 13, 2011
Washington Post

By Dan Eggen, Published

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose bid for the White House depends heavily on support from religious conservatives, finds himself confronting an issue that is a flash point for that part of his base: his attempt to order schoolgirls to receive a vaccine that would protect them against a sexually transmitted virus.

The uproar over the Gardasil vaccine — manufactured by Merck, a major Perry campaign donor — knocked the candidate off-stride during a Republican debate Monday night.

Republican Governors Association

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) was formed in 1963 by 16 Governors from across the country. The RGA supports the election of Republican gubernatorial candidates and the reelection of incumbent Republican Governors.

From 1993 through December 31, 2006, the RGA contributed $550,000 to Illinois statewide offices and 100% of these funds were given to Republicans.

Last revised June 2011.