Conflict of Interest

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A conflict of interest with developer deal?

September 19, 2013
Sauk Valley News

Alderman abstains on issue, but later votes


MORRISON – When the Morrison City Council considered a deal with a developer last month, Alderman Curt Bender abstained from two votes on the issue, apparently with the belief that he had a conflict of interest.

Two weeks later, though, he voted in favor of the developer in a follow-up issue.

Why the change?

Do RTA ties to Madigan pose conflict of interest over Metra audit?

July 15, 2013
Daily Herald

By Marni Pyke
As an oversight board, RTA leaders say it's their job to scrutinize the much-maligned separation agreement Metra offered to ex-CEO Alex Clifford that's led to allegations Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan exerted political pressure at the commuter rail agency.

But given that Madigan's son-in-law Jordan Matyas is second-in-command at the RTA, some wonder how independent the audit will be.
Matyas, an attorney who joined the agency in 2011, is the RTA's chief of staff.

Quinn’s ethics proposal raises questions

February 7, 2013
State Journal Register

The Associated Press

The idea seems simple enough: Ban Illinois lawmakers from voting or taking action on anything that might benefit them personally, all in the name of honest government.

Public funds, private interests intersect in building owned by Bridgeview mayor: Tenants include political fund he chairs, firm that does accounting work for village he runs

Tribune Watchdog: Soccer stadium deal kicks Bridgeview taxpayers in the teeth; Political insiders benefit, property taxes nearly triple as village is saddled with millions in debt

June 9, 2012
Chicago Tribune

A Conflict of Interest, But It’s Legal in Illinois

January 6, 2012
Chicago News Cooperative


In most states and municipalities, government officials who vote to spend taxpayer dollars on proposals that also put money in their own pockets as lobbyists could be accused of illegal conflicts of interest. Not in Illinois.

Thanks to state and local ethics laws riddled with loopholes, it was legal for Jack Dorgan, a village trustee in Rosemont, to vote last year to award a lucrative contract to a client of his Springfield lobbying firm.

Conflicts of interest? It's legal in Illinois

January 5, 2012

Lawmakers who lobby walk minefield of conflicts

Fredric Tulsky and John Sullivan  

In most states and municipalities government officials who vote to spend taxpayer dollars on proposals that also put money in their own pockets as lobbyists could be accused of illegal conflicts of interest. Not in Illinois.