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Quinn to sign bill allowing online voter registration in Illinois

July 26, 2013
Chicago Tribune

By Monique Garcia Clout Street

Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn is scheduled to sign a measure into law Saturday that will make Illinois the 18th state to allow voters to register online.

Supporters say the move could increase turnout at the polls and cut down on paperwork costs, while critics question the security of an online registration system and say there is a potential for fraud in a state where Chicagoans have been known to vote from beyond the grave.

Emanuel flips switch, campaign donations flow

July 14, 2013
Chicago Tribune

Mayor shows savvy for maneuvering around state law, stretching own ban to pull in cash for 2015 run

By John Chase, Jeff Coen and David Kidwell, Chicago Tribune reporters

Dozens of people buzzed about the large Lincoln Park home, invited by one of Chicago's wealthy philanthropists and waiting for a guest of honor who was fashionably late for his own party.

Tom Kacich: Campaign law loophole allows for concealment

June 19, 2013
Champaign Urbana- News Gazette

Tom Kacich

I thought I was onto something last week when, looking through state campaign disclosure reports, I saw that Attorney General Lisa Madigan had reported only $22,500 in itemized contributions of $1,000 or more since March 31.

Since Madigan had reported $831,190 in campaign donations in the first quarter of this year, clearly that $22,500 figure meant that she had dialed down her fundraising. And maybe that meant she wasn't running for the Democratic nomination for governor after all.

I'm glad I didn't write that story.

Rahm Emanuel is losing control of his city

June 16, 2013

As his disapproval rating soars, he’s getting tagged with names like the “murder mayor.” Here’s how it fell apart                       

By Mark Guarino

Effort to pull controversial election authority from local officials stalled

May 29, 2013
Chicago Tribune

By Joseph Ryan, Chicago Tribune reporter

Most local officials are poised to keep their controversial power to kick political opponents off the ballot after lobbying from those officials helped stall a reform proposal in the General Assembly.

Instead, a piecemeal effort is moving forward that will abolish panels that rule on candidate eligibility in school districts only, shifting such authority to the county level. The latest proposal leaves the controversial panels in place for cities, villages, community colleges and townships across the state.

City contract seekers donate to Emanuel despite his own ban

May 16, 2013
Chicago Tribune

Emanuel returning tech execs' $15,000, spokeswoman says

By Jeff Coen and John Chase, Chicago Tribune reporters

Leaders of a tech firm seeking a city contract donated $15,000 to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's campaign fund, despite Emanuel's own executive order banning contributions from vendors trying to get city business.

As Cicero president seeks third term, town employees wear two hats

February 21, 2013

By: Chip Mitchell

Ahead of next Tuesday’s primary, what matters to some public servants is not their job duties but Larry Dominick’s reelection.Once upon a time, it was hard to get a government job in the Chicago area without going through a precinct captain or another party boss. Over the years, federal court orders and corruption prosecutions have helped draw a sharper line between public service and politics. But the message hasn’t gotten everywhere. With an election looming in Cicero, many employees of that western suburb are wearing two hats.

Was Jackson Jr.'s alleged spending spree a victimless crime?

February 20, 2013
Chicago Tribune

Eric Zorn

OK, all mockery, pearl-clutching and indignation aside, who, really, was hurt if, as federal prosecutors allege, former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. used campaign funds to buy decorations for his own personal Planet Hollywood along with assorted other luxury items?

The public treasury?

I'll give you that.