ICPR Spotcheck for November 2, 2012: A new and improved Sunshine Database available now!

ICPR Spotcheck for November 2, 2012 
In this Issue: 
*ICPR new and improved Sunshine Database now available!
*17 Legislative Campaigns Top the $1M Mark
*ICPR Releases List of Top Donors to Legislative Candidates

ICPR's Sunshine Database - a one-stop shop for keeping tabs on the money flowing into state legislative, statewide office, Cook County, Chicago and judicial offices - has been upgraded this month to provide users with timely information about the campaign contributions in November's races. Find the Sunshine Database at

ICPR's website now offers a range of data on campaigns and contributors, all updated daily (and sometime more often) with fresh reports from the State Board of Elections. A few of the enhancements:
The site offers a listing of Top Races, ranking elections for House and Senate where at least two candidates are raising significant money. Find the top races at  http://www.illinoissunshine.org/sunshine/topRaces.php.

The site includes information on spending in races that is not coordinated with any candidate (whether by superPACs, also known as independent expenditure-only committees, or other groups).  Find spending by groups other than candidates at http://www.illinoissunshine.org/sunshine/uncoordinatedSpendingSearch.php
And much more. Visit http://www.ilcampaign.org/race-is-on for more information on ICPR's Sunshine Database.

17 Legislative Campaigns Top the $1M Mark 

ICPR's analysis of legislative races finds 17 contests that have exceeded the $1M mark -- 9 Senate campaigns and 8 House races.
In the House, the list of most expensive races is headed by the 52nd District, where Dee Beaubien is running as an independent against Republican David McSweeney. Beaubien is seeking to succeed her late husband, Republican Rep. Mark Beaubien. Dee Beaubien has reported $934K in campaign contributions, while McSweeney shows $651K. Both candidates have put more than $100K of their own money into the race, and so in accordance with state law, contribution limits are no longer in effect in this contest. Beaubien has reported contributions above the limits from Personal PAC, while McSweeney has reported contributions above the limits from Jack Roeser, head of the Family Taxpayer Network. In addition to candidate spending, outside groups have reported $26K in uncoordinated spending, all of it in favor of David McSweeney.
For the full list of top House races, please visit the Sunshine Database

ICPR Releases List of Top Donors to Legislative Candidates
ICPR's analysis of contributions to candidates for state House and Senate reveals the following top aggregate donors to candidates for state House and Senate:
 1) Democratic Party of IL ($4,958,254)
2) IL Republican Party     ($2,245,342)
3) Senate Democratic Victory Fund      ($2,034,281)
4) Republican State Senate Campaign Committee/RSSCC    ($1,291,487)
5) IL Education Association IPACE  ($1,056,700)
6) IL Laborers Legislative Cmtes   ($854,740)
7) House Republican Organization  ($845,165)
8) Democratic Majority (IL House Caucus Committee)  ($778,679)
9) Service Employees Intl Union/SEIU  ($743,889)
10) IL State Council of Operating Engineers/IUOE ($687,790)
To read the full list of Top Donors visit ICPR's Blog "The Race is On" for more!