October 15

The afternoon's big contribution is the $152K Rep. Ricca Slone (D-92) got from DPI. Her opponent, Aaron Schock (R-92) got $53K from HRO. Big money, but consistently bigger from the Dems.

Speaking of the Speaker, Friends of Michael J. Madigan (D-22) got $30K from former AG candidate, former U.S. Senate candidate, current trial lawyer Al Hofeld. His opponent this fall, Darleen Conners (R-22) has yet to form a PAC.

Senate Republican Leader Frank Watson (R-51) got $10K each from Exelon, the national NRA, and the Manufacturers PAC. ÊThe National Rifle Association has not previously given more than $5,000 to any Illinois state candidate. Watson also shows $30K from Sen. Dave Sullivan (R-33), who shows $34K in A-1 money.

Senate Candidate Tom Ernst (R-47) got $60K from the Senate Republicans.

And in clear defiance of the Chicago Tribune, the beer distributors gave Mike Boland $1K.