Beatings will Continue Until Morale Improves

Legislative calendars have been released for the Spring Session. They’re available on line, here for the House and here for the Senate, but here’s a summary of the key dates. Both chambers have adopted substantially the same deadlines; exemptions are noted:

LRB Deadline: January 6
Session Starts: January 11
State of the State: January 18
Filing: January 20 for Senate, January 27 for House
Budget Address: February 15
Committee: February 17
Floor: March 3
Other Chamber Committee: March 24
Death March Begins: March 27
Other Chamber Floor: March 31
Sine Die: April 7

Hat Tip: Cap Fax

Other Important Dates for the Next Four Months:

Candidate Filing Period: December 12-19
Special Judicial Filing Period: January 3-10
Ballot Certification: January 19
Semi-Annual Reports for Latter Half of 2005 Due: January 31
A-1 Reports Due: Beginning February 20
Pre-Election Reports Due: March 7 (for the period January 1-February 19)
Primary Election: March 21