Group seeking to oust Kilbride from Supreme Court reports $165,000 in business money

JUSTPAC, the political committee of the Illinois Civil Justice League, raised $165,500 between July 1 and Oct. 3, according to the group's pre-election campaign disclosure form filed today.

The pro-business/tort reform group, which has been involved in several high-spending Illinois judicial campaigns, is a leading opponent of Supreme Court Justice Tom Kilbride. The Democratic justice is running in a retention election to hold another 10-year term on the state's high court.

Much of the money JUSTPAC reported receiving in its pre-election report is came from businesses and groups in the medical and insurance fields. Among the contributions received by JUSTPAC are: $50,000 from the American Tort Reform Association; $30,000 from the Illinois State Medical Society PAC; $10,000 from CNA (a commercial property and casualty insurance provider); and $20,000 from ISMIE Mutual Insurance Company.

Kilbride has been targeted by medical malpractice reform supporters and business groups in part for his participation in a 4-2 majority decision which struck down some caps on jury awards.

In addition to that money, JUSTPAC on Monday reported receiving another $20,000 from the Illinois State Medical Society today.

JUSTPAC's campaign report filing came just minutes after the Democratic Party of Illinois filed its activity report. The party's report showed it has given Kilbride's committee $1.25 million.