New Players in the Workers Comp Debate?

We recently pointed out problems in the rolling A-1 reports that political committees file to disclose receipt of large donations on a year-round basis. But despite these flaws, the rolling A-1s are showing activity that would not have been made public under the old system.
Case in point: Illinois Injured Workers Coalition PAC. The group formed April 13, and under the rules in effect in years past, no one would know where their money came from or who they gave to until the full disclosure reports were filed in July, long after the Spring legislative session was over.
But with the new law, we know quite a bit about the group. Their funds come from rehab centers and other medical providers, and they're reported raising $64K in the month since they formed. Equally important, candidates have reported getting a total of $7K in donations of $1K or more. Of course, there may be more money south of that disclosure threshold.
We remain disappointed that the new A1 system won't reach it's full potential, but even without the aggregation rule, we are seeing more than we ever could have before. All of these donations are coded and posted to ICPR's Sunshine Database, so have a look and see what you find.