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ICPR is proud to maintain Illinois Sunshine: a free, searchable, online database that revolutionizes how voters, reporters, and public policy experts access Illinois campaign contributions and expenditures. Illinois is within the top six states in the nation for its high level of campaign spending, from $30 million in 1994 to $340 million in 2014 and over $160 million in 2015. Features of Illinois Sunshine include:

  • Accurate data from the Illinois State Board of Elections, updated daily, of all campaign contributions and expenditures received and spent across Illinois
  • Top Candidate, Super PAC, Independent Expenditure, and Ballot Initiative committees ranked by funds available
  • Visual data demonstrating the spike in campaign spending over the past 20 years
  • Records of all campaign spending across the state since 1994
  • Visual data showing cash flow of committees since their creation

The Illinois Sunshine homepage includes the top committees with the most money and one easy-to-use search bar for searching candidates, committees, committee officers and donors. The Illinois State Board of Elections keeps data on all campaign contributions and expenditures for all state, county, and municipal races throughout Illinois. Illinois Sunshine Database sources from this data, and is updated daily. Check out the about page of our database to learn more about how campaign contributions and expenditures are reported in the state of Illinois and where you can find federal contribution data. Please contact our office with any questions or comments. Click here to sign up for our weekly Illinois Sunshine Update on campaign spending in Illinois.

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