Illinois Sunshine Debut

Date: August 4, 2015
Time: 11:00 am  to  12:30 pm

A state-of-the-art tool making campaign contributions and expenditures available in an easily searchable format at
Yesterday, ICPR hosted a demonstration on the new, state-of-the-art 
Illinois Sunshine database at 1871 in Chicago. We partnered with DataMade LLC, a civic technology company, to create this free, online tool that brings campaign finance data straight to voters on a simple, online platform.


Total donations to political committees in Illinois, 1994-2015


Here’s an overview of what it can do: 

  • Search: Search for political committees, candidates, committee officers, donations, and expenditures all in one place.
  • Donations: Browse each of the $2.3 million individual donations, loans, transfers, or in-kind donations given to a political committees in Illinois.
  • Top earners: For those who like to keep tabs on the fundraising race, we keep track of the committees that received the most money in the last day, week, month and year.
  • Committees: Browse all the powerhouse Candidate, Independent Expenditure, Political Action, Political Party, and Ballot Initiative Committees in Illinois. You can also dive into their net funds over time, supported candidates, top donors, top expenses and all individual donations and expenditures.
  • About: To help understand how this information is reported and collected, we documented who has to report campaign spending, what gets reported, and how this information is disclosed.
Board Chair Susan Garrett | Photo by Greg Rothstein
At yesterday’s demonstration, ICPR Board Chair Susan Garrett welcomed the audience, noting that the database “brings reliable, timely data to voters on an innovative new platform.” DataMade Founder Derek Eder demonstrated specific features of the database, including the user-friendly search function, the committee and candidate pages, and the ability to download bulk data straight from the website. ICPR Deputy Director Sarah Brune continued the demonstration, noting that Illinois Sunshine “is the most comprehensive campaign finance database in Illinois.” 
Scott Kennedy of Illinois Election Data | Photo by Greg Rothstein
Scott Kennedy of Illinois Election Data pointed out the many benefits of Illinois Sunshine for journalists. He noted, “in the many Illinois election cycles I worked, I wish I had a tool like this. I commend ICPR and DataMade for making this data more available to the public.” ICPR will continue to highlight database features and provide relevant campaign finance analysis to keep you updated on who is influencing politics and public policy in Illinois. Click here to sign up for our weekly campaign finance data analysis, coming soon to your inbox!
Find out what the experts are saying: Illinois Sunshine was featured today onCapitol Fax and Reboot Illinois. Visit today and check it out!


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