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Chicago Task Force on Ethics Reform

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“Those in public life must be accountable for upholding the public trust and serving the public interest.”

Chicago Ethics Report Task Force Report

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF (approx.
80 pages, 1 mb) of the Chicago Ethics Reform Task Force Report, Part I (published April 30, 2102).
Task force members are Cynthia Canary, chair (clockwise from upper left); with Sergio Acosta, Dawn Clark Netsch and Ald. Will Burns.
With those lofty words, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel launched the city's Task Force on Ethics Reform in December to recommend reforms to Chicago's ethics ordinance. The city's website says the task force will "assess the current ordinance, consider best practices across the nation, and make recommendations to ensure appropriate oversight of government activity."
The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform -- actively working for campaign finance reform at the state and local levels -- welcomes the task force. It's the latest step for the city, which has made gradual strides in the direction of reform over the past several years.
The city has improved accountability, for example, by posting information online. But much of what happens at City Hall remains opaque. We urge members of the public to attend the task force hearings and call for more transparency.
Task Force on Ethics Reform RECOMMENDATIONS

Ethics Reform Task Force: "Recommendations Part I" [official City of
Chicago document]
(Issued April 30, 2012)

From Crain's Chicago Business: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's ethics task force Monday (April 30, 2012) rolled out a lengthy list of proposed tough new rules and laws designed to curb Chicago's notorious tradition of City Hall corruption. Mr. Emanuel promptly promised to move to implement all 34 of them, including a total ban on honoraria, shutting the "reverse revolving door," and a complete end to city supervisors hitting up their subordinates for campaign donations. (Read the complete article...)

Ethics Reform Task Force Releases Report (WTTW, includes video and link to Task Force recommendations

Emanuel: I’ll get to promised ethics fixes (Chicago Sun-Times)

Hearing Dates

The two hearings scheduled by the task force (Wednesday, Feb. 15, and Monday, March 12, 2012) have concluded.

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