Races for Cook County Assessor, Board President, and Board of Review Combine for $3.6 Million Fundraising

For Immediate Release   October 27, 2010

Races for Cook County Assessor, Board President, and Board of Review Combine for $3.6 Million Fundraising

Four County Board Seats with Competitive Fundraising


CHICAGO-Over two dozen Cook County offices are on the ballot this fall, but only a handful have two well-funded candidates battling for votes on Tuesday.  Forest Claypool, independent candidate for Cook County Assessor, leads all Cook County candidates in fundraising with $1.5 million amassed for the General Election.

Races for Board President and Board of Review, along with a small number of county board seats, also show significant fundraising by competing candidates.

In the race for County Board President, the Democrats nominated Chicago Alderman Toni Preckwinkle, who has out-raised her opponents by almost 32:1.  Preckwinkle reports $1 million in resources for the General.  Republican Roger Keats trails with $30,800 and Green nominee Tom Tresser reports $3,600.  Preckwinkle's top donors include affiliates of public employee union SEIU at $235,700, the Illinois Education Association at $100,000, and Teamsters affiliates at $50,000.

In the closely-covered race for Cook County Assessor, Democrat Joe Berrios reports $852,400 compared with Democrat-turned-Independent Forest Claypool's $1,520,300.
Other Cook County races are sleepier.  Democratic candidates for  Treasurer and Sheriff are running against unfunded opponents while County Clerk David Orr has $467,200 against Republican Angel Garcia's $6,600.

Thru Oct. 25
Joseph Berrios Forest Claypool Other candidates
Party Democrat Independent  
Funds for the General $582,400 $1,520,300  
Top Contributors 7/1/10-10/2610 (1) Joe Berrios (personal loan):$100,000
(2) Citizens for Toni Berrios (member of the state legislature and daughter of Joe Berrios): $54,000
(3) Chicago Ald. Ed Burke ($25,000 each from Citizens for Burke and the Burnham Committee)
 (4) Citizens for Tony Munoz: $40,000
(5)  Citizens for Suarez ($25,000)
(1)Fred Eychaner, owner of Newsweb Corp: $200,000
(2) Citizens for James M. Houlihan: $103,000
(3) Development Specialists: $25,000
(4) Ryan Enterprises
(5-tie) Real estate developer John Buck: $20,000
(5-tie) Financier John Canning of Madison Deerborn Partners: $20,000
Neither Green nominee Robert Grota nor Republican Sharon Strobeck-Eckersall have formed committees

For the Board of Review, which considers property tax appeals, the only seat on the ballot is the 1st District, where first-term Democrat Brendan Houlihan is running against Republican Dan Patlak.  Houlihan holds a fundraising lead which, while not as comfortable as Orr's or Preckwinkle's, is still better than 4:1.  Houlihan reports $349,400 to Patlak's $87,200.  Houlihan's biggest donors include the Illinois Education Association at $15,000, and the Prairie Political Committee, a federal PAC affiliated with Sen. Richard Durbin, and the Illinois Laborers, both at $5,000.  Patlak shows support from Jack Roeser's Republican Renaissance at $20,000 and several north-shore residents.

Thru Oct. 25
Dan Patlak Brendan Houlihan
Party Republican Democrat
Funds for the General $87,200 $349,400
Top Contributors
7/1/10 – 10/26/10
(1) Republican Renaissance, funded largely by conservative activist Jack Roeser: $20,000
(2) E. Davison Massey, retired: $3,500
(4-tie) Richard Pepper owner of Pepper Construction: $3,000
(4-tie)Realtors Assn: $3,000
(5) William Kennedy, home builder: $2,500
(1) Illinois Education Association: $15,000
(3-tie) Prairie Political Committee (Sen. Richard Durbin): $5,000
(3-tie) Illinois Laborers Union: $5,000
(5-tie)- Building and Construction Trades Union $2,500
(5-tie) Cullinan Companies, a Peoria real estate firm: $2,500

There are 17 seats on the Cook County Board.  In seven, only one candidate has a campaign committee.  Of the 10 where at least two candidates are raising money, only four have two candidates in five digits.

In the 9th District, incumbent Republican Peter Silvestri reports a fundraising lead over Democrat Cary Capparelli, $317,400 to $51,200.  Green nominee Brock Merck has yet to form a fundraising committee.

In the 11th, Democrat John Daley reports $36,500.  That's the lowest fundraising total for any challenged incumbent, but his opponent, Carl Segvich, reports just $10,300. The most hotly contested races are in the 16th and 17th Districts.  In the 16th, incumbent Tony Peraica faces McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski.  Peraica was the Republican nominee for Cook County Board President 4 years ago, and for that race, he raised and spent over $1,100,000.  For this race, he reports just $44,600 for the general.  His biggest supporters include Corey Steel Company, James N. Pritzker, and Hal Langer, who owns apartment buildings; each of the three kicked in $5,000.  Tobolski, by contrast, has raised $225,100.  His largest supporter, Bear Cartage, a trucking and logistics company in McCook, gave $9,000, plus another $11,500 through CUB Terminal, an affiliated storage facility.  Michael Androwich donated $11,200 worth of billboards; Tobolski also shows support from Midwest Industrial Funds, Inc, at $10,000.

In the neighboring 17th District, incumbent Republican Liz Gorman reports $151,200 for next week's election.  Gorman's biggest contributor is Vee-Pak, a family-owned printing company near Midway Airport, and Republican party organizations.  Democrat Patrick Maher is close behind with $128,200.  Maher reports key support from AFSCME at $12,000 in recent months and relatives in the Hynes family, including $5,200 from Friends of Dan Hynes, $2,900 from the Hynes Law Firm, and $1,600 from people with the Hynes surname.

For county-wide seats on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, the three Democratic incumbents have active fundraising committees.  Newly-appointed member Mariyana Spyropoulos leads in fundraising with $78,700; all other candidates combined report fewer resources available for the General Election.  Her fellow Democrats Michael Alvarez and Barbara McGowan report $28,600 and $10,400 respectively.  The three Green nominees have yet to form committees.  The two Republicans, Paul Chialdikas and Jimmy Lee Tilman II, report $18,500 and $900 respectively.