Alderman Concedes Allegations of Political Work in Ward Office May Be True

July 29, 2013
NBC Chicago

By, Phil Rogers:

A week after news first broke of his interview with the FBI, Ald. Joe Moore (49th) concedes that there may be some truth to a former employee’s allegations of political work being done in his city ward office. But he quickly added that the incident in question does not rise "even to the level of a trivial offense," said that no taxpayer money was involved.

The issue was first raised by Anne Sullivan, a former Moore aide who said she was fired in the fall of 2009 after raising an alarm over political work being done in the alderman’s Rogers Park office. Sullivan said she had seen previous work being done, but that the incident which caused her to raise the issue with Moore himself was a day when she saw an intern addressing invitations to a  political fundraiser.