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Seattle Could Create An Entirely New Way To Fund Elections

Via Huffington Post: “In a little over a month, Seattle voters will go to the polls with the opportunity to create a brand new, first-in-the-country system of publicly financed city elections. The Honest Elections Seattle ballot initiative, which is up for…

The Only Realistic Way to Fix Campaign Finance

via The New York Times CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — FOR the first time in modern history, the leading issue concerning voters in the upcoming presidential election, according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, is that “wealthy individuals and corporations will have too…

‘Dark Money’ Ban gets Support from Williams, Kenney

A proposed new law to tighten regulations on reporting the source of campaign contributions for local races is getting support from the two candidates accused of taking the most “dark money” in the current race for mayor in Philadelphia. Anthony…

Report: Chicago Aldermanic Campaigns See Few Small Donations

Via Progress Illinois Small campaign donations of less than $150 represented only 11 percent of contributions given last year to 2015 Chicago aldermanic candidates. That’s according to a new campaign finance analysis of Chicago’s aldermanic elections and runoffs by the Illinois…

Small Donor Matching: The Pope Agrees!

Throughout the effort to enact campaign finance reform through a small donor matching system, many important leaders have shown their support for making this idea a reality in our state. In a recent interview with a Catholic news site, Pope…

Campaign Finance Reform: “The Nation is Watching”

When the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform was founded 18 years ago, one of its motivating principles was to prevent big money from influencing our local elections. Now, nearly two decades later, success for many grassroots candidates across the state still…

Return power of the vote where it belongs: With voters

Via Crain’s Nearly 80 percent of Chicago’s voters supported a citywide advisory referendum on the Feb. 24 ballot that would reduce the influence of special-interest money in city–and state–elections by financing campaigns using small contributions from individuals and a limited…

Chicago voters overwhelmingly endorse campaign finance reform

Via Aljazeera America Chicago voters endorsed by a wide margin Tuesday a plan to institute public campaign financing and limit outside contributions. The ballot measure, though non-binding, begins a process that will now move to city and state government, where…


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