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Illinois considers allowing recall attempts of Chicago mayor

via the Chicago Tribune on 1/3/2016 ICPR’s Executive Director, David Melton, is featured in this article.   The furor over recent Chicago police shootings has legislators considering whether voters should be allowed to recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel or future officials…

Corporations Open Up About Political Spending

via The New York Times In November 1999, Time Warner swore off “soft money” contributions to political campaigns. At the time, it might have seemed like a mistake. The company was about to join with America Online in a deal that would require…

Chicago Voters Want Big Money Out of Campaigns

The Voters have spoken. They want big money out of campaigns for good. The following advisory referendum on yesterday’s ballot was overwhelmingly approved: “Should the City of Chicago or the State of Illinois reduce the influence of special interest money in…

Open Mic Disaster

Via Woe, to be the Federal Election Commission in the age of the Koch brothers. The agency charged with safeguarding the integrity of American democracy has, in recent years, been hit again and again by other branches of the…

Tell the FEC Not to Amp Up Internet Regulations

Via EFF The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is considering amping up its regulation of online political speech—an idea that should be rejected from the get-go. Back in 2006, the FEC adopted a limited approach to regulating the Internet. Some FEC…


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