2012 Change Illinois/ICPR Candidate Questionnaire Responses

This page shows the exact questions we addressed to each candidate. Their responses are shown in the PDF files linked below. To understand the responses, you will need to refer to the questionnaire.

Answer Key

  • Y = YES
  • N = NO    
  • TWO HYPENS ( --) means the candidate did not response to the question
  • Candidates with two hypens ( -- ) for their entire row did not return the questionnaire.

Download/View ILLINOIS SENATE candidate responses (6 pp)

Download/View ILLINOIS HOUSE candidate responses (10 pp)

Download/View the questionnaire (or scroll down to read on screen)


Q1 –The Illinois Election Code places limits on contributions to candidates from all sources in the Primary Election and from all sources except political parties and legislative leaders in the General Election. Do you support legislation that would establish limits on contributions to candidates from political parties and legislative leaders during the General Election?
            YES___   NO ___
Do you support the creation of a voluntary public financing program for:
Q2a -- Statewide executive branch candidates?       YES___    NO ___      
Q2b-- Legislative candidates?             YES___   NO ___
Q2c -- Supreme and Appellate Court candidates?    YES___   NO ___
Q3 – Illinois law requires political committees to file disclosure reports throughout the year in addition to the quarterly reports when they receive contributions from the same source of $1,000 or more.  Contributions of less than $1,000 are disclosed only on quarterly reports, even if the same donor gives multiple contributions that add up to $1,000 or more. Do you support requiring political committees to report throughout the year contributions from the same source that add up to $1,000, even if they come in smaller increments?
            YES___   NO ___
Q4 -- Illinois law requires anyone who raises $3,000 or more to support or oppose candidates to register with the State Board of Elections as a political committee. Some politically active non-profits have claimed that they are corporations, not committees, and not subject to registration and disclosure. Should non-profits that make expenditures about candidates disclose the source of their funds?
            YES___   NO ___
Q5 -- Anyone registered to lobby with the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the federal government must disclose their client billing information to the public.  Do you support requiring lobbyists registered with the state to disclose billing information to the public?
            YES___   NO ___
Q6 -- The Secretary of State currently collects Statements of Economic Interest on paper and posts them to the Internet in PDF format.  Do you support mandating that the form be filed electronically and posted on-line in a searchable format?
            YES___   NO ___
Q7 - Do you support updating the current statement of economic interest to provide more accurate information about office holders and candidates to the public ?
            YES___   NO ___
The state currently produces an on-line voters guide, which provides a description of the duties of elected statewide, judicial, and federal positions and allows candidates to submit biographical information.  Would you support:
Q8a-- Including legislative candidates in the Guide?            YES___   NO ___
Q8b --  Mailing the guide to every household?                       YES___   NO ___
Q9 -- The 2008 Pay to Play law and the new campaign contribution limits law added to the administrative duties of the State Board of Elections.  Do you support adding new staff positions at the State Board of Elections to implement these new duties?
            YES___   NO ___
Q10- Do you support a minimum one-year moratorium between the time a state legislator, key legislative staff member or high-ranking executive branch official leaves his or her position and becomes a registered lobbyist?
            YES___   NO ___
Q11 - Do you support a change in the state’s primary system that would continue to allow voters to select any party ballot in the primary but would end the practice of tracking which party each voter declared at the polls?
            YES___   NO ___
Do you favor the creation of an independent, non-partisan redistricting commission:
            Q12A: For legislative districts:             YES___   NO ___
            Q12B: For congressional districts:      YES___   NO ___
Q13 - Do you support changing House and Senate Rules to require a floor vote on any legislation sponsored by a majority of legislators in that chamber?
            YES___   NO ___